Types of Foods that Increase Your Body Fat

Types of Foods that Increase Your Body Fat


Most people assume that consumption fat can create them fat. Fat has several essential functions within the body and while not it we might Sick. you wish to create the excellence between smart (unsaturated) and dangerous (trans, saturated) fats.

Do You See Yourself In Mirror Like this? 



“Having excess fat can cause a serious health issue, mainly if that fat is deep in your abdomen. The foods you eat have a powerful effect on your body fat levels. Unhealthy meal and lifestyle are the main contributing key factors to the condition.”.

Sometimes Deep Fried Vegetables 


Get Knowledge , It May Increase Belly Fat

We always here that eating more vegetables is one of the most powerful key to successful weight loss. However, the way in which those vegetables are prepared is just as important as which vegetables you eat. Although vegetables hold many belly fat reducing nutrients, eating vegetables that have been deep fried can not only effects on the health benefits, but also turn vegetables into belly-fat gainers instead of belly-fat fighters.

Baked Sweets


Sweet – Good Word , But Remember Only Word

sure, we all knows that bakery products like cakes and pastries are fattening,but even so-called healthy baked products pack some extra calories that put you on track for weight gain.You should particularly avoid baked products topped with sugar coating. An obvious source of calories and sugar, ready-to-eat sugar coating are also packed with trans fats. These fats clog your arteries and contribute to heart disease, and they are more likely to cause abdominal body fat gain.

Fried,Processed and Fast Foods 


They Lure & Seduce You- Enemy Of Slimming

Always take a Step back from the package! processed foods are convenient but they can expand your waistline.Most highly processed foods are loaded with artificial chemicals, artificial flavorings and colorants. packaged foods are designed to appeal to basic cravings for salt, sugar and fat, with no focus on nutritional value of food.

Artificial Sweeteners


Try To Be Not Friendly With Them

Artificial seeteners primarily trick your body into thinking that its about to receive sugar (calories),your body continues to signal that it to desires additional which ends in carb cravings.A research found that people who takes more diet sodas in a day had six times the waistline as compared to those who skip the diet cola altogether.

Microwave Meals


Use as less possible as you can

Diet microwave meals and frozen meals are high in sodium and calories.Eating them causes you to retain water in your arms and legs, leaving you puffy.


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