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Myths & Illusions about Hair Loss that may be actually True


Are you worried about hair loss, thinning consistently and going bald day by day but can’t find any suitable solution after hours of researching over the internet? At most places you would have found the word ‘Hair Transplant’ so could it be the possible solution. We are here to help you find the best place for hair transplant in Andheri but before you go further, clear some myths about hair loss, the myths that might be causing your hair fall.

Stress Leading to Hair Loss-

Stress Leading to Hair Loss

Body of each individual responses to stress in a different way and the most predictable outcome could be hair loss. There are multiple causes of stress such as social environment, childhood traumas, loss of a loved one or pet, separation anxiety, moving house, hospitalization etc that can lead to high level of stress. In results, people may face hair loss.

Genetics causes Baldness

Genetics causes Baldness

Hair Loss problem is found in every third person today, and the most common reason is genetic inheritance. Yes, if you are facing hair loss in your early 20s then reason, probably, could be the genes. If you will foresee, it would be found that your father, grandfather, or uncle who faced the same issue in their earlier life, that is the only reason of the same happening with you.

Link between Hair Loss and high level of Testosterone-

Link between Hair Loss
Multiple times it has been found in research that high level of testosterone is one of the main reason why men lose their hair. It especially, occurs in cases who are facing hair loss due to genetics.

Hair dye and colour causes Hair Fall-

Hair dye and colour

Chemicals would be the reason to blame, because most hair dye and hair colours contain harmful chemical. Bleaches like Peroxides are very harmful to hair when used in large quantities, even small usage with continuity can damage the scalp in a very bad way. Consistent use of hair dye, colours, or bleaches can leave the hair dry, brittle and lifeless. Use these products regularly, hair thinning and falling can take place.

Changing shampoos frequently, leading to Hair Loss-

Changing shampoos frequently
People often blame shampoos for losing their hair strands in a bathtub. It’s, not true but possible in case of you are using low-quality hair shampoos containing harmful chemicals instead of important hair nutrients. It is also suggested by hair specialists to choose a hair shampoo that suits your hair and skin type and not harm your scalp in any way.

Blood Flow decreased to the scalp, Hair Loss starts-

Blood Flow decreased

Decreased level of blood flow to the scalp could be one of the reasons of hair loss, but not the only one. When good quality hairs are placed into the bald scalp the blood flow may regain its track once the hairs start to grow.

Whatever the myths say, hair fall is a serious problem for anyone that is leading to decreased level of confidence and self esteem. Hair transplantation is the most suitable treatment for hair loss which provide natural and long lasting results. Also, Cost of hair transplant in Andheri may very from clinic to clinic, so it is important that you do a proper research about the clinic and surgeon and then go further.

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