What should be Your Ideal Weight According to Height?


What should be Your Ideal Weight According to Height?


Being overweight is a huge problem for the people who are fully aware of the severe effects of obesity. However, there are some people who think they can manage their body weight and still, can live a happy life. In fact, most of the experts say that obesity is a clear invitation to severe health problems. Surely, you are not among them who think it is perfectly OK You Can Check if they are slightly Overweight.This thinking may be fatal for your health in future. So the first step against obesity is to know whether you are excessively fat or not. You can simply do using our weight loss calculator. Just enter your weight and height and measure your body weight.

Signs that tell you are overweight

Signs That Tell You Are Overweight

Increasing weight is not a danger sign most of the time and there is not a problem if you can manage your weight. The problem starts when you cannot realize that your weight is at the limit where various health issues related to overweight can affect you severely.
You can be ensured of being or not being overweight by knowing your Body Mass Index or BMI and your waist size in inches.

What is Body Mass Index?

What Is Body Mass Index

Body Mask Index help you find whether your weight is normal or you are overweight. The BMI depends on your weight and your height and based on the result, you can keep you under the category of a person with normal weight or an overweight person.
You are perfectly normal if you are between 18.5 to 24.9, you are overweight if you are between 25 to 29.9, and you are facing obesity if you are equal to 30 or higher
If you easily want to calculate your BMI score, use our weight loss calculator and start to use our weightless techniques if you are found to face obesity.

Waist Size

Waist Size
Your waist size in inches is another factor to consider if you wish to know you are overweight or not. For men, the danger signs start from a waist size of 40 inches and for women, it is 35 inches.

Being Overweight is risky


If you are overweight, you cannot hope for a life free of health problems. Experts say obesity is a common cause of many diseases such as heart attack, certain types of cancers, diabetes, blood pressure, Sleep Apnea, joint pain or osteoarthritis, kidney problems. If you are overweight during pregnancy, you may face high blood sugar, high blood pressure with a high risk of cesarean delivery.


Common disease caused by Obesity




This is a severe health problem in which blood sugar level is above normal and abnormal blood sugar level may lead to heart disease, kidney problems etc. The overweight people may develop diabetes more easily in comparison with the people who do not have obesity.

High Blood Pressure:

High Blood Pressure

Your blood pressure is a push of your blood against the walls of your arteries and it has to be at a certain level which is called normal blood pressure. High blood pressure is a serious disease causing heart attack and kidney failure. High blood pressure is related obesity because of the increased work of the heart which has to pump harder to all the cells of the body.

Heart Disease: 

Heart Disease

Any issue related to your heart is included in a heart disease. The most common heart issue is the blockage of blood vessels. The final outcome of any heart problem is minor or major heart attack. The people having obesity are more likely to develop heart disease due to the other health issues like high blood pressure, high level of cholesterol and diabetes.

Snoring or Sleep Apnea: 

Snoring Or Sleep Apnea

Snoring is a common problem faced by many people and Sleep Apnea is a more severe condition of snoring in which a person may have multiple pauses in breathing while he is sleeping. Sleep Apnea is a serious condition which may lead to heart failure and daytime sleepiness. A person with obesity has an increased risk of Sleep Apnea because of the excess fat storage around the neck.



Osteoarthritis causes joint pain and stiffness and normally it is related to aging. It causes damage to the joints of the hands, knees, lower back, and hips. As it is clear, extra weight places extra pressure on joints and cartilage. Additionally, the people with body fat develop harmful substances that cause inflammation in the joints.

Pregnancy Problems: 

Pregnancy Problem

Obesity may increase the risk of health problems for a pregnant woman and the baby as well. Babies in overweight women may be born before the normal time of delivery or may have the brain or spinal defects. Overweight pregnant women may develop High blood sugar, high blood pressure etc.

Check Your Weight First

Check Your Weight First

As you see, obesity is a dangerous condition that is just a door of many health problems. It is better you use our Weight Loss Calculator and start the treatment as soon as possible. Watch Our Fatloss Treatment Video Which Help You in Reducing Extra Fat Easily

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