All About Hair Transplant Cost in Mumbai

हेयर ट्रांसप्लांट के लिए सबसे अच्छी तकनीक क्या है?


Mumbai is the financial capital of India and gradually, it is becoming a cosmetic surgery hub as well. Mainly, the clinic of Mumbai is famous for offering affordable hair transplant in Andheri. In India, the cost of the hair transplant is lower than the cost in other countries. This fact is enough to attract a number of national and international patients. They visit the clinic in the hope to find a permanent and affordable deal and they never feel disappointed.

According to hair transplant doctors of the clinic, hair transplant surgery is, however, a costly procedure but in Mumbai, it is possible to plan the surgery with the assistance of clinic where affordable hair loss treatment is available without compromising the quality.
Generally, the hair transplant cost per graft is around Rs30/-to Rs 120/- that may range between 30000 to 120000 rupees. It may more or less because the final and exact cost depends on the diagnosis of the surgeons as well as policies of the clinic.

How do the Surgeons Decide the Final Cost?

Before making a final decision, the surgeons diagnose the problem and then they provide a final structure to the patients. The final cost of the hair transplant in Mumbai depends on the following cost factors:

The Condition of the Scalp:

Generally, the final cost is decided after checking the grade of the baldness. The baldness is divided into seven grades and every next grade is more than the previous one. Naturally, the cost is increased at every stage.

Required Hair Grafts:

According to the grade of baldness, the surgeon needs a certain number of the graft to cover the bald area. Generally, the cost is based on the total number of hair grafts because of the clinic charge on per graft base.

Hair Transplant Technique:

The cost depends on the hair transplant technique because all the techniques have different cost structures. Only the surgeon decided that which technique is the best for the hair loss patient.

The Reputation of the Clinic:

The reputation of the clinic increases the cost as well. All the authentic clinics have the team of experienced and well-qualified doctors and provide ultra-effective policies. So, it is natural if the treatment is costly in such clinics.

Policies of the Clinic:

Many clinics offer discounts and other finance plans to reduce the stress of the patients, with the help of these offers and plans, the patients may manage the cost of the hair transplant effectively.

Hair Loss Treatment at the Clinic

At the clinic, mainly follicular unit extraction and follicular unit transplant techniques are used to remove and transplant hair follicles. The experts use high-quality tools and devices during the surgery so that, the quality is never compromised. However, they are committed to providing cost-effective treatment as well. The clinic provides finance plans and offers to reduce the cost of hair transplant in Andheri and you may know about the treatment and cost by visiting the clinic.

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