What is the Effect-if Not Having Hair Treatment/Transplant on Time?

What is the Effect-if Not Having Hair Treatment/Transplant on Time?


Have you ever thought of the effects of not having hair transplantation on right time? If not then have a glance at this post as it embraces the consequences that you may have to face if you delay in getting hair transplantation done. This is an eye opening post for all those who are waiting for right age to get hair transplantation done. Have a look at following reasons:

1. Cost of Hair Transplant Increases 

The cost of hair transplant varies depending on the level of hair loss in you. If you are facing problem of hair loss that is above than level 2 then the cost of hair transplant may go up as it varies depending on the requirement. For instance if you have level 2 or above level of hair loss then the cost of the treatment may actually increase. Usually, the number of grafts that has to be implanted on head makes the decision of the hair transplant cost. In general per graft cost is around Rs.25–30.

3. Donor Area Gets Affected

The donor area of a person gets affected as the doctors plug more hairs from donor area to implant on the bald section of head. The more you delay in the hair restoration treatment more will be the requirement of hairs from donor area. In some cases, it is observed that donor area is left with less hair after transplant and takes lot of time to grow back hairs again.

2. Treatment will be More Time Consuming

If more numbers of grafts are to be implanted on head then it is obvious that the hair transplantation will be more time consuming. You may have to take two to three extra sessions for the treatment as the area for treatment increases.

4. Number of Hairs Increases

With the time, bald area of your head increases and this is the reason that doctors have to implant more hairs to cover the area. Not only the doctors have to arrange more hairs to implant but also they have to put in efforts to cover the area for natural looking hairs.

5. Affects Your Appearance for Long Time

You will have to stay bald for long time and this will affect your appearance.
In a nutshell, you must make sure that you get hair transplantation done at right time so that you do not face these mentioned problems. Choosing a right hair specialist is equally essential as the right time for hair transplant is important.

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