Control Your Hair Fall Before Your Comb Take Hair Away

Control Your Hair Fall Before Your Comb Take Hair Away


In today’s world, each one of us wants to look adorable by hook or crook. Many a times you style your hairs with the help of different styling tools, dryers and rollers. People with curly hairs manage their curls by not combing hairs as it untangles the curls. Some of us even back comb hairs to create fuller and volume in hairs. But ultimately all these styling tricks harm our hairs a lot. The style of combing hairs also affects the hair fall. The hair experts recommend you to comb hair in a specific way to reduce hair fall. This post embraces the magic that you can do with your comb to control hair fall.

Brushing your hairs does not mean that you must overdo combing. Combing hairs too frequently also damages the hairs and lead to hair loss. Your hair brush is an essential tool to manage locks into the correct style. Nevertheless, the type of brush used by you also plays an important role. It influences the overall health of your hair. The hair experts suggest using wooden comb as it aids you in removing the static that causes frizzy hairs. You must always sit calmly on stool while combing your hairs.

You must never brush your hairs when it is wet. Brushing wet hairs leads to hair fall as they are very flexible when drenched. Keep in mind not to brush your hair with vigorous, powerful strokes as it causes damage.

There are several benefits of combing hairs daily like

  •  Combing hairs daily cleanses your hair better even than using any dry shampoo
  •  It helps you to get rid of dirt from your hair. Your hairs also embraces uric acid crystal deposits, catarrh and other acids which are easily removed by combing.
  •  It helps you out by stimulating the blood capillaries, which increases the blood circulation and transportation of nutrients to the root of the hair.
  •  It also aids in stimulating various hormone producing glands, which keeps the pores of the hair and scalp open. As a result, hair starts breathing and preserving the natural oils.
  •  You add life and shine to your hair by combing tresses regularly.

Each one of us is facing a problem of hair fall. Some of us are having mild hair fall while other are experiencing severe hair fall. If more than 100 strands are falling daily then you must visit nearest doctor to know the reason and solution for the problem. The experts suggest that hair transplant is the best permanent solution to baldness.

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